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Numera is a distinguished accounting firm specializing in providing meticulous financial services to businesses and individuals alike. With a dedicated team of over 40 financial experts, Numera offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, including accounting, tax planning, financial analysis, audit, and advisory services.


Despite Numera's esteemed reputation for providing top-notch financial services, the firm has encountered a pressing challenge in recent years.

In an era defined by digital transformation and evolving client expectations, Numera is confronting a significant decline in its ability to attract and engage new clients. The heart of the issue lies in the changing landscape of client acquisition. While Numera has a long-standing history of excellence, potential clients' decision-making processes have shifted online. As a result, Numera's traditional methods of acquiring clients, rooted in personal referrals and industry networking, have become less effective.

This challenge underscores the critical need for Numera to adapt and embrace modern digital strategies to not only attract a new generation of clients but also convey its core values of trust, professionalism, and credibility effectively. The solution lies in leveraging the power of web design and digital branding to reestablish Numera as a trusted partner in the financial sector.


At Margined, we recognize that the evolving landscape of client acquisition demands a fresh and innovative approach. To address Numera's pressing challenge and help them regain their foothold in the digital age, we have developed a comprehensive and strategic plan that leverages the power of web design and digital branding. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of Numera's core values

When it comes to the clients shoes, these are the 4 main characteristics we had to enforce.

In our journey to turn a potential lead into a valued customer, our primary goal was to seamlessly guide them from initial interest to a scheduled meeting. To achieve this, we recognized the importance of capturing their attention and fostering curiosity.

To heighten curiosity and engagement, we honed in on the idea of making their lives easier. By emphasizing how our offerings align with their needs, we aimed to pique their interest and prompt them to explore further. This customer-centric approach ensures that our audience is not just interested but genuinely curious, ultimately leading them to the aforementioned CTA button.

Building credibility became the next crucial step in the conversion process. Establishing a sense of authority is key, and we accomplish this through various means such as customer reviews, testimonials, showcasing examples of our work, maintaining an insightful blog, offering a newsletter, and proudly displaying customer logos.

This curated blend of credibility elements serves to reassure and solidify the customer's trust, motivating them to take the final step towards conversion.

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